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What type of beauty makes everyone go crazy about you? Are you feeling curious? test is going to tell you all the truth with the help of another simple quiz. You’ll have ten questions and five seconds to decide.

Count your stars and the result will amaze you for sure!

Remember that there is no wrong answer, trust me.

Question Number 1

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

  • Barely any time at all  
  • It takes me about an hour or so 
  • It depends on where I’m going  
  • About thirty or forty minutes

Do you want a funny joke about mornings, there’s no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast 🙂

Catch your stars!

Question Number 2 

You’re late… What do you throw on before leaving the house

  • Skinny jeans or pants and a v-neck team 
  • A floral print flowing dress  
  • The first thing I can find  
  • I’m not sure but I can get creative in five minutes

You know those fashions with skinny jeans.

Catch your stars!

Question Number 3

What color are your eyes?

  • Blue 
  • Green  
  • Grey 
  • Brown

Where words are restrained the eyes often talk a great deal.

Question Number 4

Is your style consistent or do you like to switch it up?

  • I stick with what works for me  
  • Style  
  • It’s usually the same but different from everyone else 
  • I change it up frequently

They say there’s a thin line between looking stylish and looking homeless, do you agree?

Here are the stars;

Question Number 5

What do you think is your general mood? 

  • Laid-back  
  • Kind and sweet  
  • Hype – fun  
  • Artistic and imaginative

Are you enjoying? 

Here are the stars!

Question Number 6

Under what condition do you open up to others?

  • I’m actually an open book 
  •  When I know them really well 
  • I usually don’t  
  • When I trust them

Opening up to others is both an easy and difficult thing, isn’t it?

Catch the Stars!

Question Number 7

What flowers do you love?

  • Lavender 
  • Peonies  
  • White roses 
  • Roses

Catch the stars 🙂

Flowers do you prefer flowers in bouquets or in pots?

Question Number 8

What is your favorite makeup item?

  • Lip gloss 
  • Eye shadow 
  • ChapStick  
  • Mascara

Which of these items do you use on a regular basis?

Question number 9

Where do you get inspiration for your look?

  • Magazines  
  • Movies 
  • People on the street 
  • The catwalk

Wow-what a question, I’ve never even thought about it!

Question Number 10 

 The type of people you tend to attract are…

  • Fun, free-spirited and friendly  
  • Caring and protective  
  • Well educated and smart 
  • As unusual as me

Make your choice and get your stars!


Wow you did it, are you ready for the results? Just add up your points and let’s see what you got.

You got from 10 to 17 stars:


Natural: you are a natural beauty, you’re not attached to makeup and cosmetically enhancing products because, well you don’t need them by any means necessary. You are a true blue kinda girl, letting all of the beautiful features you’ve been blessed with shine through, uninterrupted daily.

Others in your presence love how laid-back and carefree you are, and this shows through your flawless skin and naturally bold lashes.

 All you prefer is the perfect gloss to accentuate your lips and you’re good to go.

You got from 18 to 25 stars

 Sublime: You are such sublime beauty,

Those big eyes tend to put people in a trance and you exude a sense of wonder about you.

 You have a natural ability to put people in a good mood and we feel that you possess that cute girl next door appearance that drives boys wild.

 Your pretty features and colorful style make you seem as if you’re a dream and tend to have others walking on a cloud right beside you.

You got from 26 to 32 Stars:

 Your beauty is mysterious!

There’s something about your beauty that makes you unpredictable, and this leads people to want to know more.

 You are unique and versatile with your wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyles which also makes others curious about your imagination and creativity.

Your priceless facial expressions and body movements make you seem like a puzzle, others want a piece together and understand, but you like having an air of mystery about you that keeps everyone interested.

You got from 33 to 40 stars:

 You have a timeless beauty!

You are classically beautiful: like Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn, your physical features will never be overlooked.

 How could they? They’re graceful and elegant often accompanied by that movie star personal style and natural allure that comes from batting your eyelashes.

You have a soft glance with a warm smile, use it to your advantage

What result did you get? If you enjoyed please share it with your friends.