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What is terrarium? How is this done? Here’s the answer to all

How to Make a Terarium Mini Garden



The theme of today’s post will be “Terrarium”, one of the most popular and modern hobbies in recent times. The letter is Terrarium, and Turkish reading is “Terrarium”. On that day, our A-Z files in relation to the terrarium, and we investigate all items of interest and share them with them. “What are terrariums? How are they taken care of? How are they supplied and how much are their prices? The most interesting questions like this, We tried to find the answers in this article First, what is Terrarium for those who do not know your location at all? Let’s start with the answer to the question, and then we will expand this theme: assembled a terrarium, some plant species and some small creatures in glass or plastic Bulbs are called literally as small ecosystems .. not like aqua The rush or decoration of the spot, it could almost be called minacık and self-management. For now, note one more reason why we are satisfied with this brief information and why we wrote this article. We are looking for alternative gifts and we know that every year traditional Mother’s Day gift is now squeezed out of banality and various gifts are considered an alternative. This today’s article we wanted to give us information on the terrarium of both fashion trends recently and we thought that go wonderful gift worthy of Mother’s Day is both Terariumlaru. So we got a pen this summer .

Indeed, it seems to be a fairly accurate choice that will be presented to private mothers on the day of the grandmother’s anniversary. I guess we hit two birds with one stone. Although such a trend is injustice and different maternal gifts, the only option will be a special gift for the day we are also terrariums. That’s why this style looks like an excellent choice that will attract almost all your loved ones. That’s why lovers will be a very unusual gift that you can give your lover or your partner to your birthday or friends.


What is Terrarium?



The word terrarium is a Latin word that is considered one of all scientific words. It was not a surprise, was it? Latin “Terre” means Earth. “Arium” means the aquarium. When these two words are combined, we know that instead of an aquarium filled with fish, in which water is known, the name given to the site consists of a windshield and glass or plastic that different plants actually lived. In short, when we know that terrariums have an ecosystem, we can consider them as small gardens that live with land, land, moisture and plants, and not with interior objects with the perfect look that are in the offices or in the corner of our house.

Where and When did The Terrarium Fashion First Appear?


The history of modern terrariums dates back to the 1830s. Nathaniel Bagshaw Vard, a botanist in England, had the opportunity to follow the development of plants that live in weights by accident and develop his own method inspired by this mast system to protect plants that could not survive because of gloomy and dirty air in London. This system, which is the first example of a terrarium, is called Vardian Case. Today terrariums are used as a habitat for some reptiles to search for some exotic tropical plants. Terrariums should not be forgotten that although some beautiful decorative objects are actually an ecosystem.

Terrarium Which Plants are Grown?



Can we have a lot of plants in the terrarium we want? these exciting questions in mind, because our response to our visitors will be passing through. Unfortunately, you do not want plants in the terrarium to lift. Explain the reason immediately; The terrarium environment because it provides damp, wet, foggy can host plant species that grow in foggy environment. The Buddha means that we will live in a glass fanatic of plants in order to select the type of style in the selection of plants that can live in ecosystems. There’s no need to worry about it. Because our loving this kind of environment and the numerous environments of plant species are already waiting to give their terrarium. You can see the pictures on our site and in the past when you do not have the desire terrariums of plant species areas I really pass through every day. But truth does not take our attention. Small algae grow in moist grass along the walls in gardens on the streets and in parks, wildflowers are very suitable terrarium plants. You can use them in the terrarium. However, if you are looking for more exotic and worth exploring some of the differences we see in the botanical garden greenhouse and florist. You can get support from people who are experts in this Taraz city.Favorite , you can get the kind of plant you g. In the first terrariums or let me specify the most cultivated plant species; Small fern peppers, phytonas of fine violets, confusions, mosses, affiliates with names; Peperomia, Selaginella, hemianthus callitrichoides, Hidrocotile leucocephala, Hidrocotile sibthorpioides. These plant species can be listed as the most preferred species for terrariums. If you want to evaluate different types of ietistirebility types, they are compatible with each other and do not hurt another in the same environment. If you choose what kind of benefits you need to do some research for him.

How to Make a Terrarium at Home?


You can buy Terrarium for a fee, or you can do it yourself at home. Before you write about how to do terrariums at home, you must decide which types you need to grow. When making this selection, we proposed to select plants that we live in a humid environment, as we mentioned earlier. Now we have to pay attention to each other, but we need to briefly mention it. Since terrariums are areas with a vapor or mast size, let’s underline that you should select the cultivated plant varieties in which you will grow and continue at your location. You must select the appropriate container for your terrarium. This glass can be a jar or a vase. The material of your cabinet can be glass or plastic. It will not play enough water and you just need the material. But visual glassware cannot be denied. Now, write the necessary materials.



Materials Required for Hand Made Terrarium Garden;

Glass fan: All major projects start with small prototypes. For this reason, we recommend that you start with a large terrarium fan for the first time. Your first mini botanical garden can start with a small jar. Weights that you do not use at home are suitable for starters.

Pebbles: Pebbles come from the terrarium of inexhaustible materials. Since the gravel is the most important part of providing drainage during irrigation. In addition, another gravel function is that the plants inside the fan can be positioned upright. When choosing a stone from stone, try to select the stones that are as small as possible.

Gloves: We recommend you use garden gloves in order to prevent damage to glass in any way on the glass when you touch it because it will work with materials to retain fingerprints and also work with problematic plants in your hand.

Tweezers: Here is another material that will help you most. For areas that are not accessible for a tight hand in your ears or hands, you need a stick! In this way, you have the chance to intervene everywhere in the glass fan.

Torf: The plants that you will grow in your small garden will be given to the land to be planted. You can find more detailed information about the stuff from major construction markets or botanical experts
Sphagnum: Your name does not scare you. The purpose of these differently named things is to provide a balance of moisture in the terrarium ecosystem. It pours on pebbles and acts as a filter in the system.

Carbon: A terrarium to improve air quality in our garden pests and molds can occur and the lanterns for carbon needed to prevent bacteria formation. Carbon is the finest coal that you get. It is possible to remove harmful formations in the terrarium by spreading dust from coal to the fan

Do not think of it as a big irrigation system by name! You know, hairdressers use it to wind up their hair, or they have sprayed glass cloths. Meet the water needs of the plant only to avoid excessive water leakage in the terrarium.

Building a Terrarium Step by Step


Let’s continue writing  since you listed the above materials with our Warnings. Now is the time to use the materials you have achieved by trying and making the famous tearoom. Let’s get started.

To better illustrate the construction stages, examine the sequence of operations to be performed in the empty glass. The first step is to wipe the surface of the glass so that it does not create fingerprints outside the glass surface. Otherwise, finger spots that would distort your eyes at the bottom of the panties may be uncomfortable after completing the whole process. The hardest part of our world is known as the core, or the center of our little world will be made up of the toughest materials available. The hardest material in our hands is gravel. Spread the gravel equally on the surface. After distributing gravel on the surface, we add material called “sphagnum”. In this way, we will ensure that our terrarium breathes. In the meantime, if you can not find a material called “sphagnum”, you can solve this problem by adding some fibers. Let’s go to the second stage. Now add to the surface as the third layer of coal dust. This will prevent the formation of the mold as we just mentioned. Our fourth layer consists of a material called “Torf”. Yes, we have finished the country. This land we planted was like a farmer. Yes, you did not hear it wrong. It’s like real life in the logic here. You can come across a little layer of the hull on the upper layer and lay the seed of the plant you want inside. Here, carefully plant your plants in a delicate way without injuring the plant. Now you are approaching the end. Now is the time to make the first watering. Give your plant the first water, then give the first water with a whisper. And here is our little world ready!




When you’re done with the garden, you can decorate it the way you want. The way you decorate here is completely in keeping with your imagination. If you have created a terrarium to introduce yourself to your lover, you can only put a small model home that you would experience. You can make tricks yourself if you have manual tricks. Or you can get satin art. Now we leave this part for you. And now you have your sweet terrarium. Come on, pass along. Have I finished? Of course not! How are they maintained? We continue to write for those who are curious.

How to Care for Terrarium?


We will briefly describe how you will protect the little world that you have acquired after you have dealt with it. Otherwise, you may cause the plants to spread if you are careful not to drag the plants too much into the terrarium. You can refer to irrigation according to the stones conditions that you installed at the bottom of the glass fan. If the gravel is dry, you can irrigate them. One more thing you need to know is that you do not expose your Terrarium to direct sunlight. Because your bitch cannot live like this for a long time. It should be the place where light is the best place in your house, but not the direct sunlight. But do not hold your terrarium in the central heating. Otherwise, you will be angry about your hard work. As with all garden works, you should clean your garden from growing grass and decaying leaves. You should cut branches that are too long.

Yes, dear, In today’s post we distinguish “terrariums”, one of the latest trends in recent years. We tried to talk about curiosity about terrariums. It is certain that someone who is trying to do this kind of work in the  house will have to do a more extensive research on this subject. We provided you with information on terrariums in a hidden way. As we mentioned at the beginning of the upcoming spelling “Mother’s Day” before I’m on a terrarium for different mothers a gift day will be looking for a very interesting alternative to me, he wrote me his gifts to this member. We hope you are satisfied with our writing. I’m glad to meet you again …

let’s leave you alone with a few examples of terrarium