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What are the daily activities that damage the spine?

Spine Health

The spine gathers the spine of the body, literally the binds. We need to pay attention to your spine at every age. What are the daily activities that cause spleen damage for you? We explained this in a clear and detailed way below. Some routine movements that we do during the day inflict damage on our spine. We do not know most of the time for pain. You will get a healthier belief by learning spinal damage. Here is a list of daily activities that can damage the spine.

1. Tooth Brushing


The pressure on the spine over time when we are standing is much longer than walking for a long time. If you need to keep standing for hours each day, you should find a way to alleviate the harmful effects on your spine.

How can it be prevented?

-When brushing your teeth, you can get support with your other hand in the wall or sink.

2. Dishwashing


When washing dishes we usually stay in a half-bent position with tense arms. For this reason, the intervertebral discs of the rib cage are rapidly eroded, which leads to pain on the shoulder between the points.

How can it be prevented?

– Put a stool or chair under your knee while washing the dishes. This will help reduce the pressure.

3. Changing the Car Wheel


When the car tire changes, you can force the spine and you may have pain. Pay attention to this situation.

How can it be prevented?

– Do not lean towards the car. Instead, stand parallel to it. Even your eyes are on the same level as your car’s mud. Thus, you will not have any pressure on the spinal cord.

4. Carry the Market Bags


If you go to the supermarket, you are likely to carry the bag. What is important here is a balanced stone. In other words, it would be healthful to balance all the items in a dual way instead of carrying a single sachet.

How can it be prevented?

– Remember that the knee objects must be lifted with the knees twisted. It is sufficient for women to carry as much as 5 kg. It is enough to transport 11 kg in men.

-Always, remember to carry a bag with weights distributed evenly with both hands.

5. Cleaning Locations


Even if it is not every day, you clean up places at least once a week. In this way, you are overloading your spine.

How can it be prevented?

-Do not clean the trim with your hands or a cloth. Use a mop or brush instead.

6.Wearing shoes


You may damage your intervertebral discs if you are bent. Constantly repressed body parts are separated from the spine and straighten. It causes the pain in a region to squeeze.

How can it be prevented?

-You should ride or lift your boots and tie your shoes like that. Do not do this by squatting absolutely.

7. Transport the Backpack


Backpacks are not only used by school students. It can be preferred by everyone in available areas. A heavy bag and wrong handling threaten the backbone.

How can it be prevented?

There are two straps on the backpacks. It is very important that both are evenly distributed.

-Use the backpacks with wide and soft straps. In this way,

you reduce the pressure on your knees and spine.

8. Take Goods From a High Place


The spine extends when you reach something. For example, if you take a goods like the one pictured, all of the weight will suddenly turn into the vertebral column, and this will force the body in a moment. As a result, your spine will suffer.

How can it be prevented?

-If you need to get something from the upstairs, use a chair to pull the pressure down. If it should be ideal, take care to ensure that the goods is at the chest level.