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Why is it dangerous for your body to sleep less than 6 hours a day?

The dangerous of sleep less than 6 hours a day!

Quality sleep is undoubtedly very important for health. So how many hours a day do we need to sleep to be healthy? Experts answered this question. Here are those dangers waiting for people who sleep less than 6 hours a day …

Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Akkoyunlu drew attention to the importance of quality sleep in terms of health.

Akkoyunlu, recently pointed out that the new studies on the effect of sleep on human health, “Finally, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh between the years (1999-2015) 31 thousand people who were hospitalized for 16 years examined.

Although sleep quality is good under the study examined those who have less sleep time. For people who sleep less than 6 hours, the risk of heart rhythm disorder increases 1.7 times for each hour less sleep.” he said.

‘The less you sleep, the more patients you get’

This situation revealed a very striking fact, that Assoc. Akkoyunlu evaluated the following:

Heart rhythm disturbance, which is among the causes of many life-threatening conditions such as sudden deaths, heart attacks, and strokes, is directly related to sleep time. The less you sleep, the iller you will become and the sooner you die, the study says.

Unfortunately, things that affect health and that we can solve with very simple habit changes are ignored and we pay big prices. For example, there are very popular topics such as genetically modified foods, microplastic epidemic, and global climate change.

Perhaps they do not pose an individual threat to life at this level. Besides, correcting them is not compared to the ease and cheapness of regulating our sleep. The second important result in this study is that when the quality of sleep deteriorates, severe heart rhythm disorders occur just like when sleeping less.

Sleep quality measurement is evaluated with stage 3 and REM sleep. The result is catastrophic again when this deep sleep decreases.

Impairment of sleep quality may be due to any sleep illness or deterioration in sleep hygiene.

If you want to sleep during the day!

Assoc. Dr. Akkoyunlu explained how to determine the insufficiency of sleep quality or duration:

7 hours is the least healthy sleep. 6 hours or less sleep means that you have exceeded the critical level that is enough to disrupt your health. If you want to sleep during the day, even during the period when you need to stay awake, you have a sleep problem.

Sleep time and quality is a very important parameter that you can intervene in determining your youth, perception, health and even the duration of your life.