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Do You Wake Up With a Puffy Face? DOTERRA Essential Oils for Skin Inflammation

Easy Solution for Skin Inflammation with DOTERRA Essential Oils

Hey there, I am coming to you with a little essential oil tip today – so I woke up this morning, I’m fresh out of bed and I noticed that my face is really puffy and so this is a combination of things and as a mom I know exactly the root of the problem, that a combination of not drinking enough water so I am over here chugging my water really trying to get on top of the hydration for today.

I wanted to share with you the essential oils that I’m using and how I’m using them to reduce the inflammation on my face so I have two oils here and I’m going to show you how I’m doing this. So I have frankincense and lavender.

DOTERRA’s frankincense and lavender

DOTERRA’s frankincense and lavender – these are such a powerful combination and they are both great for your skin and so I’m going to put these right on my face…and I have used essential oils many many times, so I know how I can use them.

Get Rid Of Puffy Face

They are very powerful especially DOTERRA essential oils so if it’s your first time using them just make sure to test your skin to make sure you’re not super sensitive and as always with all essential oils I’m using a carrier oil so for dilution I have coconut oil, you could use whatever oil you have on hand to dilute these a little – and just a little pro tip take the caps off of your oils before you put the oil on your hand because it makes it kind of messy and hard to do!

How to Use;

So I’m just going to take the caps off of both of these and what I do, I’m going to take a little bit of coconut oil in my fingertips and so I’m doing this before my shower this morning.

I’m going to be taking a little while before I get ready and that will allow this to really just kind of absorb before I get in the shower and get fresh and clean so I’m not going to worry about the oily skin too much, although my skin loves coconut oil, so I’m just going to put this in my hands – a little bit of coconut oil and I’m rubbing it on my face and I’m not doing a whole lot of this – you don’t want to be really pooled up on your face but you want your skin to be able to absorb these oils really well so there’s the coconut oil…and then what I’m going to use is a drop or two of frankincense and this comes out fast!

One, two and just one drops of lavender so that’s three drops total. That’s a lot! All right in my hand, I’m rubbing it together and then I’m just going to put this right on my face. You want to avoid your eyes and up their nose but these oils are both oils that you can ingest so if you get some in your mouth don’t worry about it.

And this is going to help with reducing the inflammation in my face then take something that puffiness out of my face and frankincense is great for promoting cellular growth. It’s so so good for your skin. it is going to allow my skin to have that vibrant look to it throughout the day and it’s great for aromatic purposes as well.

Just for the aromatic use, it’s very calming it wakes you up, just really nice! That is my little tip for today.

Get Rid Of Puffy Face 1

Frankincense and lavender – two to three drops total and some coconut oil and that are great for your face. I hope that helps, I would love for you to share this tip with your friends.

All right have a beautiful day!