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Oncologists call on you to stop eating these 8 foods that cause cancer

Which foods causes cancer and What causes cancer cells to develop?

8 foods that cause cancer

The disease called cancer is one of those complex groups of diseases that have several causes. Some of these are known to include genetics, exposure to various chemicals, infections, diet, as well as lifestyle options such as tobacco use, radiation, exercise and so on. How much of your daily routine can affect your chances of getting cancer? It’s sure it’s more than you suppose. Very little or no exercise, as well as poor nutrition, are some of the factors that will increase a person’s chances of getting cancer. But there is also something you can do about it, for example by making healthy choices such as exercising regularly, swallowing herbal plants and stopping smoking. Around 20% of diagnosed cancer cases in the United States are correlated with inactivity, poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption, however, all of these things can be prevented by making the right choices.

Here is the Top 8 foods that cause cancer

  • Processed meat

Studies at the University of Hawaii have shown that ingestion of some processed meat can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67% so large. Examples of these meats include sausages, Bologna, pimento squares, sausages, and bacon. The preservatives and nitrates contained in these meats that are used to improve their taste are also known to contain elements that cause cancer. Smoked meats are not particularly healthy, knowing that the smoking process causes the meat to absorb tar. You should try to consume leaner meat and prepare the meals yourself.

  • Artificial sweeteners and refined sugars

It is a well-known fact that besides increasing your insulin levels through the roof, distilled sugars provide a suitable environment for cancer cells to grow and replicate. It was first discovered in 1931 by a German Nobel laureate in medicine, Otto Warburg. He stressed the fact that they depend on certain sugars like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that fuels the growth and reproductive processes. It is suggested that you look for safe alternatives like black molasses, maple syrup, stevia, honey and jaggery to help sweeten your food.

  • Smoked and sour food

Typically, these types of food usually contain a lot of preservatives and nitrates that help extend their shelf life. With time these chemicals accumulate in your body and do damage at the molecular level and develop many diseases, one of which is cancer. You should try to avoid these types of foods, especially knowing that cooking foods smoked under high temperatures convert the nitrates simply into more dangerous ones.

  • Frozen fish

This basically means growing many types of fish (like salmon) on a commercial scale instead of crowded. Agriculture accounts for more than 50 percent of the salmon swallowed up in the United States. Besides, these fish are treated with many different chemicals that cause cancer, antibiotics, and pesticides in an effort to control the outbreaks that could result from taking so many fish in very crowded space. In addition, fish grown in these conditions do not have as many omega-3 fatty acids as compared to wild salmon.

  • Fries

This is a very popular food at the global level, but many of us do not know that these chips are boiled in hardened vegetable oil, and then they are heavily salted. According to a study published later in the New England Journal of Medicine, having only a gram of potato chips on a daily basis can lead to an average weight gain of 2 pounds per year. Trans fats contained in potato chips are responsible for high cholesterol levels in many people, and it will not be forgotten about high sodium content that can lead to hypertension. In addition, when these chips are cooked at high temperatures, they produce cancer that is also found in cigarettes called acrylamide. So, if you love potato chips, try to make them at home using healthy oils.

  • Hydrogen oil

This type of oil is man-made and opens in a way that will have a long shelf life. Many people use this type of oil very often, as you may know, it is like trans fats. Chemicals are also added to the oil to enhance the flavor and smell mask. According to one study, food containing traces of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil may double the risk of breast cancer. Palm oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil are all a healthy alternative.

Oncologists call on you to stop eating these 8 foods