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Say “good night” to neck pain! 9 Golden Rules about Your Neck Health

Say “good night” to neck pain! You will learn how you can protect your neck on business

The neck is one of the most vulnerable areas in the human body. It affects our health quality in daily life as well as in our business life as negatively as low back problems. About two-thirds of people face a problem in the neck at some point in their lives.

Emily Lui, an expert physiotherapist from the Therapy Sports Center, advised us that this problem tends to increase with the introduction of a new generation of communication devices.

Expert physiotherapist Emily Lui said: “Spinal Health is the most important key to human quality of life.

However, in the world of work, being constantly in front of the screen, or using a mobile phone, both neck and upper back area pain and posture problems occur,” she said.

Emily Lui, an expert physiotherapist who provides information about simple ways of protecting neck health in business life, said:

1) The head weight in adults is approximately 9 kilograms. The more forward our head is, the higher the tension in the neck muscles and the joint pressure. The forward bending of the neck at approximately 60 degrees creates a load equivalent to carrying an 8-10-year-old child.

The first rule of a healthy neck is the head posture, which is located upright.

2) In-office workers, adjusting the height of the seat and table according to the height and weight of the person affects the posture positively.

3) If we work hard and overload the neck area, we must have a home exercise program that will keep this area strong.

4) In new mothers, the first cause of neck pain during infant care and breastfeeding is the hunchback of the body during breastfeeding. To prevent this, a slight neck and back stretching should be done.

5) In today’s world where mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, we should stay away from them at least while eating or while lying on the bed.

6) In the selection of mattresses and pillows, we should pay attention to the hardness that protects the natural curves of our body and does not put extra load.

7) During and after sports, we ensure that the neck area is not contracted excessively.

8) Students should be careful to maintain the upright posture both in the lessons and at home.

9) If you feel pain in the neck, numbness, and weakness in your arms, you should see a doctor immediately. Early diagnosis will always make it easier to treat the problem.