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Magic Makeup Technique which Covers the Worst Acne and Scars on Your Face

Melanie Murphy is an average teenager whose video tutorials on the YouTube channel in just 10 months collected more than 50,000 members. It is a student from Ireland who has been struggling for years with the problem of acne and pimples that have left visible traces on her skin. But this girl won her complex and decided to share her success with everyone

Magic Makeup Technique which Covers the Worst Acne and Scars on Your Face blog

Melanie Murphy visits many dermatologists from her earliest teenage days, all to solve the problem she has been hiding for years.

After 10 years of unsuccessful struggle, this young student mastered an amazing make-up technique that at least apparently solved her problem and helped her not be ashamed of her looks.

Today, Melanie is no longer hiding her face, and to make it easier for many girls around the world to deal with the same problem, her art has decided to publish on her YouTube channel.

Although she hoped her work would be recognized, she could not help but wonder how her video would become an incredible hit. In just 10 months, a charming Irishman has become so remarkable that she has also won the heart of the most popular US leader Ellen Degeneres, who has decided to include her story in her show.

If you are struggling with the same or similar problem, we’ll walk you step by step through Melanie’s tutorial:

You need it:
– Corrector
– BB cream or liquid powder
– Dusting powder
– Highlighter
– Bronzer
– Blush
– Cosmetic brushes

1. Apply a thinner shade brush or a powder coating that is slightly lighter than the color of the tan on the thin shade brush, so that it is applied in a slightly thicker layer by tapping all the pinches and red spots on the face.

2. After that wet brush, wipe the corrector in the face until it is evenly applied to all parts of the face.

3. Place the BB cream on the palm with the same brush, rub it all over the face and neck in the same way.

4. On a thin brush, place the corrector for the undercoat and apply it again to the pincers, scars, and redness of the skin and the blobs.

5. Apply a transparent powdered powder on a thick brush and apply it to your entire face until you get the matte effect.

6. Apply the bronzer to the area below the cheekbone of the forehead and below the jawline.

7. Apply the Highlighter to the area above the cheekbones and below the undercoat and the middle of the nose.

8. Apply the blush on the cheeks.

9. At the end on a thick brush, apply a little dusting powder, and once again populate the entire face to connect and blush all the nuances into one whole.

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