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Important! – Do not do these for Teeth Whitening!

 Health and Wellness – Don’t Gamble with Your Teeth!

Many people dream of having white teeth. For this, they use many methods at home. However, almost all of these methods cause damage to the teeth and even more yellowing! Here are teeth whitening methods you should never try …

Important warning for those who want to whiten teeth at home with over-the-counter products! Famous Dentist Andrey made important statements on the subject.

Andrey stated that teeth whitening application, which is not performed in expert hands, may cause harm.

Especially in the use of whitening products sold over the counter, such problems are often encountered, “he said.

Stay away from carbonate and apple cider vinegar

Whitening kinds of toothpaste should be preferred stating that Andrey, gave the following information: “The patients themselves can use at home whitening toothpaste. Individuals used at home, teeth whitening powder, carbonate, apple cider vinegar causes scratches on the surface of the teeth.”

Sloppy methods make the teeth more yellow

In a short time, these scratches, with the involvement of coloring substances, resulting in more yellow teeth. Recently, information about teeth whitening with bleacher appears on the internet, this is so harmful!

May cause very bad burns into your mouth

Bleach does not have any whitening properties on teeth. Bleach is a very serious caustic compound due to its chemical structure. Especially high concentrations of caustic substances on the oral mucosa can cause severe burns. “