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How To Remove Sun Tan Instantly – Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies by

How To Remove Sun Tan Instantly – Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies

Hi, guys welcome to my blog Beauty and Health Secrets.

People normally ask me about tanning so I will tell you in simple words

When you go in sunlight, the Sun radiation causes a black layer on your skin. Which is called Tanning.

Which we will remove with the help of this remedy.

How to Remove Sun Tan from Your Hands, Face & Body – Instant Results

Sun Tan Remove Home Remedy Preparation;
  • First Add 1 tablespoon of Plain Flour, then add 1 teaspoon Rice Powder.

If you don’t have rice powder grind the rice in the grinder, then I have added 1 teaspoon Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) which is very beneficial to get rid of Tanning.


  • Add milk 4-5 tablespoon or as much as it’s needed to get a thick consistent mixture.

One of our Fan has requested us many many times for a remedy of removing sun tan, Yes, today’s Remedy is for you.

Sun Remove Remedy Application

Now we will apply this.

My brother’s hands are tanned so I will apply on his hands.

  • Apply a thick layer and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Note the time and you will leave it for 30 minutes, please note timings very carefully.

Wash your hands and now tap it this way. Never Rub a cloth or towel on your skin. It causes Rashes only just tap it.

Now we will do a cleansing, Normally it’s done before but to remove tanning I am doing it afterward. Dip cotton in milk and then baking soda, apply it on skin. Apply it for just two minutes and then wash it.

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People who have sensitive skin, apply Aloe Vera gel afterwords. Now you guys can see that my brother’s tanning is completely removed. You guys should also try it and now you can share it on Pinterest as well.

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