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How to Make Easy and Kids Friendly Paper Crocodile?

Easy and Kids Friendly Paper Crocodile Craft Project

This is a very easy and fun craft for kids. Children will surely love to make this paper Crocodile!

Things You Need;

Color Papers
Sketch pen

How to make;

Scale fold the green sheet to get 8 equal sections.

Now cut 8 equal-sized strips.

Fold 6 strips to get equal sections.

Cut the strips from the middle as shown here.

Now again fold the cut out strips from the center and cut it.

These are the strips of different lengths.

Paste both the end of the strips to get a loop like this.

Now insert another strip into the loop and gain form the loop as shown here.
Seal the ends with glue.
Continue with the same process as this.

Paste the last strip through the last loop and paste it to make the tail.

Now take another strip, fold it from the middle and cut it.
Now again fold it from the middle and cut the sides as shown here.

Paste this shape at the front to form the mouth of the crocodile.

Now cut out the strip as shown here.
Fold the lower strip as shown here.

Now take a narrow strip and fold it from the middle.
Make the required pattern with this strip as shown here.
Twist two small strips and paste them as the crocodile’s legs.
Now take a sheet and draw the markings as shown.

    Take 2 circular cutouts to make the eyes.
Make a zigzag pattern to show sharp teeth. Apply glue and paste it as shown.

This is how the crocodile will look like. Your easy fun paper-craft crocodile is now ready! Thanks for sharing this kid’s craft. Happy Crafting!