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Hand Goods And Accessories For Home Decoration

Contemporary Hand-Made Goods

”You can review our article to find out about the latest and illustrated ideas for diamond decoration on handmade items, supporting materials, self-regulated recycled decorative products and practical decorations for home decoration.”

Handicrafts for home decor have recently been quite popular. It is best to make the decoration effective and unforgettable while decorating the house. Everyone wants the decoration to be fascinating. An important budget for effective editing needs to be considered. Those who want to make decorative items in a more practical way with a smaller budget can do their own design projects and make a genuine and attractive decoration with hand-made home decoration products.

Handmade Items For Home Decoration

Hand-made eye products can show differences in material value, but this is the point that it is priceless by a person who does it spiritually. So much so that even the most memorable handmade figure can receive deep memories.



What do you usually think about home accessories?

This is a very broad category. There are practical home decorations, or even furniture, among self-managing ideas for decoration. While the home decor is made, the furniture is larger than the furniture.

Ideas For Recycling Houses

You can also benefit from recycling when you create hand-made home decorations. You can add obsolete materials that you do not use or materials that you use with your ideas for recycling on your decoration in an easier way. If you have a white shirt that you can not hit, for example, if you have a fridge and what is done with Old Refrigerator? If you do not, you can create another decorative item in which you can enter your books.eski-buzdolabindan-neler-yapilir02


Among the things you can recycle at home are the simplest glass jars. Using glass bottles or jars, you can practice a new trend of floating candles in a practical way.

While floating candles, visibility depends on the width of your imagination. You can use colorful gravel, flower petals or different flowers in floating candles.camdan-yuzen-mum-yapim03


Now, you will now see more detailed information about hand-made items for home decor and some of these ideas.

⇒ The transition to summer houses began with the heating of the air. You can get great results from the sea by making a few extras and accessories with your garden. You can make stylish and decorative frames, candle holders and service accessories with shells, twigs or gravel.

Surprise Surroundings Vith Stone Painting Art

This is your real address to learn about the art of stone painting and learn from stone artistic researchers. Now, we will tell you everything you are interested in about the stone painting. With the information you get at the end of our flight, you will be able to make unusual home accessories by perfecting the art of stone painting. Get in ..mukemmel-tas-boyama-fikirleri04

How To Make Art Stone Painting?

In some shopping centers or luxury homes, we can not separate eyes from brilliantly colored stones. We wonder how it is colored, what materials are being used. This job is not as difficult as you think. With a pair of small pieces, you will have great stones. See how a stone painting was made.

Materials Used In Stone Painting


As I have already mentioned, you do not need stoning material.

You will get from hobby centers or you will collect from stone in the shape of a beach in different sizes

Slim and thick brush

Stone or painted acrylic paint

Pens for transparency


That is all

Stone Painting

First we will choose a stone



You should select a template here and select a stone in that direction. You should absolutely choose matte colors and smooth stones in different sizes.

The mat lacquer is very important in order to see colors, so you can not distinguish it from the stone you are making.

You can not clean the stones

Wash stones with a large amount of liquid soap and water. Even before washing, hold in water for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with an old brush or unused dishwasher. Particles of algae and dirt will not remain on the surface of the stone.

How To Dry?


The stone should be thoroughly dried before painting. If it remains damp, your color will flow. For this reason, you will either dry the stones by washing them one day in advance or you will dry them nicely with a paper towel.

Here’s a step picture

Draw the template you want to draw on the stone with the pen in the position you want. You can draw human faces, animal figures, natural landscapes, geometric shapes and authentic patterns on stone. Here you can make perfect designs using your imagination and you can make extraordinary stone colors by stylishly painting these designs.

Move with the pen through the drawings that you made with a pen for transparency. This will give you corrections for drawing. S-Peak Acetate Pencil is the best choice for this.

Go To The Painting

Start painting the pattern that you drew with stone colors. If you can not find a stone color, you can use an acrylic paint that has to dry properties and proximity. With Apple’s acrylic paint the boats can get great results.

Varnish Time

After finishing the painting, paint a stone that was painted with water-based lacquer. If it’s too expensive, you can use it without any lacquer. It is light for a brighter finish and longer life.

Points to be considered for the Boy of the Hunting Stone


If you can find a white stone, you can make many more beautiful drawings and templates.

If you use acrylic paint during painting, be sure to wear the keel. No color comes out on your clothes.

To create colored stone floors, pass the drawing after you paint the stone twice with the desired color. You can use transparent items that have a flushing function to get the depth of the shapes you draw in the practice of stone imaging.

You can use decorative stone items in many areas of your home, garden or balcony.

After the art of stone painting, we continue to produce the idea of ​​hand-made objects for home decor.

⇒ You can paint a vase that you have used for many years in different colors, you can decorate the outer face with dry branches, flowers, buttons and so on.

⇒ You can get a completely new light by covering the outer face of your wired trim, lace, patterned or unprocessed fabric, or small color buttons.

⇒ There is also a knitted frame among decorative objects that can be made in the body. You can make a thick rope, you can use shells in this framework. You can comfortably enjoy your guests with the use of various decorative materials for entrance door decoration.

Flower Pot Made Of Cemented Fabric


Among the hand-made items for home decor are cement and vases of old fabrics, the most popular items from the last days. Decide which molds you will use for the cement of cemented tissue. You can use items such as yogurt bins, wooden pants, bowls and glasses in different sizes like molds.

Identify a piece of cloth to plant. Cement melt in creamy consistency with as much cement and water as a large container.

Put the form on the reverse side so that it does not touch the spot. Put it in the cement that you made before you wet the material and rinse it well.

The cement must be well treated in every part of the fabric. For this, you need to thoroughly extract the cement. Break the rectangular pieces within the stream that will turn the sample 2 turns.

Dip it with cement. First, wrap the rectangular pieces around the mold. Then allow the completely withdrawn woven tissue to dry overnight as desired.

After 24 hours, mark the outside with the desired color of the color. Carefully remove the inside of the box and enjoy the interior of the room in a fashionable way

Various Decorative Products
Among the hand-made home, decorations are color baskets, napkins and colorful napkins.


In addition, you can change the visibility at incredible levels by transferring flowers or colored balloons through glass bottles. As we have already mentioned, it is easier to recycle household home appliances than it should be, and it’s also quite fun 🙂