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Once you read this you’ll never waste this section of the banana!

Once you read this you’ll never waste this section of the banana!

The advantages of bananas are popular, however, the potent benefits of their peel are no less valuable. Most of us throw it away after eating the banana, but people in a few countries, such as India use the dietary advantages of the banana skin by consuming it for many years.

Here’s how to use the banana peel:

1. Teeth Whitening with Banana Peel

Rub your tooth with the inner part of the banana peel off every day for 14 days. Soon you will see excellent results.

2. Another Benefits OF Banana Peel is Removing Skin Warts

If you have skin warts, This issue can be solved with a banana peel. Not merely you will take them off with it but you also will prevent their appearance later on. Place a banana peel piece on the wart on your skin and use a bandage to fix it. Leave it for overnight. Use this process until you get rid of your warts.

3. Benefits of Banana Peel is Acne and Wrinkle-Free

The banana is great for total skin care. Associated with today’s antioxidants and anti-aging characteristics. Bananas hydrate and nourish your skin. First rub the banana peel on your skin, especially in the annoyed and troublesome areas. Leave it for thirty minutes.

4. Using for Curing Psoriasis

Unfortunately, this skin disease can’t be healed with banana peel, but it can calm the symptoms and signs of psoriasis.

5. You can Use Banana Peel as An Analgetic

Rub painful places on the body with a banana peel. It is a great analgetic.

6. Banana peel for slimming down

You know that bananas contain potassium. But do you know that significant amounts of that potassium exist in banana peel? It can consist of around 40% of the potassium.
This mineral is necessary if you want to lose weight. It increases metabolism so it burns more calories and muscles have enough energy. If you have energy, you will be more active.

On the other hand, banana peels contain various other things, such as antioxidants, fibers, A-vitamins, vitamin B.
The fiber is found more inside the peel than inside the banana. Fiber keeps you full for a longer time.
Now you know that banana peel has some serious weight-loss benefits. Especially, it’s not as weird as it sounds. The below I want to share a nice recipe with banana peels.

Great Recipe | Banana Peels with Black-Eyed Peas

-4 Peels of green bananas
– 1 tsp. turmeric
– Salt
-2 tsp. coconut oil
– ½ c black-eyed peas (if using fresh, soak overnight)
– ½ teaspoon mustard seeds
– 2 tbsp. unsweetened grated coconut
– A lime juice

1st. Take some water in a saucepan, cut the peels into small pieces and boil them with turmeric and add a pinch of salt. Add a few drops of oil to the water. Leave it to cook until the peels are tender. Drain it, store water for later use (we want to use it for cooking rice or as a basis for soup).

2nd. If using fresh Black Eyed Peas, bring to the boil until tender. You should rinse and drain beans if using canned.

3th. Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the mustard seeds and cook until scalded.
Now you can add the boiled peels with black-eyed peas, stir them and cook it one more 5 minutes. Now, remove from the heat and mix with the coconut. Add a pinch of salt to taste and finish with lemon juice. It is ready for service.