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Absolute Homemade Solution to Prevent Sweat Odor

Absolute solution to the smell of sweat

It’s healthy to sweat. By sweating, you release the toxins in your body. But you don’t want to spread unpleasant smells. For this reason, you use a variety of cosmetic products. However, anti-sweat anti-odor cosmetic materials usually prevent you from sweating by closing your pores.

So how can you eliminate the smell of sweat without preventing sweating?

A Few Drops Of Miracle

For this, you need just a few drops of lemon…

Just drop a few drops of lemon into the palm of your hand and rub it your armpits. You will find that this method is effective for at least 12 hours.

3 spoons per day

Apple cider vinegar eliminates body odor by balancing the pH level of your skin. Before the bath, a piece of cotton is wetted with apple vinegar and put under armpit for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, rinse the armpits and continue bathing. Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it three times a day before meals. If you can’t stand the taste or smell, you can add some honey to this mixture. It is a good solution to reduce excessive sweating.

You can get a more healthy and precise solution to the smell of sweat by natural methods

When you go home, take off your clothes in the open air. In this way, fresh air will take the smell of sweat.

According to research, putting your clothes in vinegar will be the most definitive solution. On the one hand, you will prevent the damage caused by sweat, on the other hand, you will refresh your clothing. (Water the vinegar to a certain extent)

After the vinegar stage, be sure to wash in hot water and allow it to dry.

Change it occasionally instead of always wearing the same outfit. If you are going to wash your clothes in cold water, use more concentrated vinegar and lemon juice.

Always try to dry your clothes in the sun as the drier. The drying machine will wear out very quickly so it will not be a very helpful option to remove the smell of sweat. Natural sunlight will prolong the life of your outfit so it can be easily removed from smells like sweat.

If you mix the vase with baby powder and put it under your seat, you prevent the stain from smearing your clothes and giving the smell out.

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